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Insanity MMORPG is one of the most popular free to play MMORPGs available.

The Balance Idea

Dear Insanians,

As you all know the Insanity Team has been working hard on the RE: Insanity (aka HD) release.
Due to certain things being slightly different it will need a slightly different balance. We hope to maintain what is currently on the live server as a base, as to not confuse current metas and gear prices.

However, before RE: Insanity will be released, we will all be playing on the (current) live server. And live needs a few tweaks to the balance in order to make it more enjoyable.


Major points;
- Keep the balance changes small
- Make sure PvE is not affected in a negative way (by consulting our QoL Dev. Eva as well as PvE based Guilds/players)

How will it work?
I will invite one person per guild (those that actively siege/PvP), to represent their guild in this.
These people will be able to tell me minor changes they wish to see to the balance. (e.g. change Skill-A from 50% IA to 55% IA)
Then it is up to me to make a poll question of each of these minor change suggestions (if they seem suitable).
Each person that was previously selected to represent their guild will be able to cast their single vote on these polls.
The poll options will be most likely "Yes", "No", "Indifferent/Don't care".
[These polls will be available in a private discord]


I hope this way we can make a few quick changes to the balance of the live server in the best way possible.
I would love to hear your feedback regarding this idea.

- The Insanity Team
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