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Insanity MMORPG is one of the most popular free to play MMORPGs available.

Insanity Flyff Summer Fashion Event

Insanity Flyff Summer Fashion Event

Summer is almost here for most of the world and here are insanity we are preparing as well. Summer is different for everyone and people enjoy all kinds of things to make a nice summer but here in Insanity, where the sun is never too bright and sunburns are a thing for real life only, We are hitting up the beach, Camping under the stars, Rocking the music festivals and enjoy summer to its fullest. That being said, Fashion is Key, Don't wanna look boring now do we? So grab your freshest outfit, pull down the back drop and get ready to style ride your way through the forums.

Spring may of just started but Summer is rolling in as we speak and truly, Preparation is key. The Summer Fashion Event will go from The 7th of June and Will end in 10 Days on the end of day on the 17th of June. This should supply enough time to get your outfits organised, Photographs(Screenshots) taken and any filters you might need for the perfect photo at hand.

What are the Rules?
Rules are super simple my dudes so while going Summer Wilds, please be aware of them, I don't want to have to Thumbs
Down anyone's photos, mood killer AmIRight?

1. You may post 2 photos over the time period of the event, though it should be noted only one can win,
don't need to many show offs hanging around.

2. Keep it Sensible, I shouldn't have to explain this to much simply keep it PG13.

3. Filters and Edits are allowed, Whatever you see fit to boost your style points with the judges as long as it keeps on track with the other rules.

4. Have fun! Debby Downers need not apply, keep it light hearted, have some fun and Enjoy some summer fun.

Not as such a rule but for notes on the Fashion 'theme' Anything summer is allowed. Summer is such a broad topic so just imagine it as something you may do during summer and add an outfit to it, So long warm cloths wouldn't follow this. If you have any questions, I'm open for them and I'll set up a QnA later if people ask the same question more than once.

What can I win?
Good question! We will be choosing the best 3 outfits will be rewarded as following so keep this in mind and aim for the top!

1st Place : 5kip
2nd Place : 3kip
3rd Place : 1kip

So with that lets get Summer started!
Added Fri, 07 Jun 2019 02:48:50 GMT by HellyBoo
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