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Insanity MMORPG is one of the most popular free to play MMORPGs available.

Patch Notes 1.3.21

Scheming Hells Exchange:
-Removed Reinforced Ethereal Set (M)/(F)

Event Chip Shop:
-Reduced price of 10 UAS Box to 12 EC,
-Removed the 5 Ancient Runes of life Box,
-Pokemon Pets Reduced to 500 EC,
-Animated Cat Cloaks Reduced to 1500 EC,
-Mounts reduced to 1500 EC,
-All other items in CS tab reduced to 200 EC (With the exception of flying mounts),
-All Sets reduced to 500 EC (With the exception of Mordor Sets),
-Iblis Weapons reduced to 1000 EC,
-Cloudy Dreams Weapons reduced to 2000 EC,
-Re-added Forest Leaf Set (M) which was removed by accident a while back.

Secret Room Shop:
-Reduced price of Secret Room Scroll Chance Box to 750 BC,

Scroll Shop:
-Reduced price of Penya Prem Pack to 350 Mil,
-Removed Scroll of Amplification ES (S),
-Removed Re-Skill Scroll

Red Chip Shop:
-Added Scroll of Amplification ES (S) for 50 RC,
-Removed 5 Ancient Runes Of Attack Power Box,
-Reduced price of Scroll of Holy to 550 RC,
-Reduced price of Unique Awake Scroll to 400 RC,
-Repriced of All Glasses to 2000 RC

Siege Shop:
-Reduced price of Siege Scroll Chance Box to 5 SC,
-Removed Celestial Sets,
-Removed Divine Weapons/Shields

Colosseum Shop:
-Reduced price of Scroll of Transfer-Awakening Piece to 500 ToB,
-Added Celestial Sets (17,600 ToB),
-Added Celestial Parts (4,400 ToB),
-Added Divine Weapon/Shields (9,600 ToB),
-Removed Titans Sets,
-Removed Trinium Weapons/Shields

Blue Chip Weapon Shop:
-Added Trinium Weapons (55x 10k Blue Chip Box),
-Added Trinium Shieldss (45x 10k Blue Chip Box)

Blue Chip Armor Shop:
-Added Titan Armor Set Boxes (43x 10k Blue Chip Box),

Other Changes:
-Scroll of Transfer-Awakening will now stack to 9999,
-Scroll of Transfer-Awakening Piece will now stack to 9999,
-Re-Skill Scroll has been disconinued and will all auto delete

Item Mall changes:
- Reduced Fashion Transy (A) from 200 ip to 50 ip
- Reduced UAS price:
- UAS 1000 = 1200ip/1200vp
- UAS 100 = 120ip/120vp
- UAS 10 = 12ip/no vp

-Fixed issues With Rainbow Race Windows not loading certain aspects,
-Fixed Oroth's Lair text bug,
-Fixed Secret Room text bug,
-Fixed all ADOH text errors,
-Fixed the issue with certain prems only lasting 20 mins instead of 1 hour,
-Fixed issue with the Word Filter no longer working,
-Fixed issue causing Character Deletion to not work,
-Fixed issue with Inventory Sorting button sorting things wrong,
-Fixed issue with shouting requiring you to be level 20,

Slayer / Mercenary


Lusaka Ruby Set:
Speed + 5% -> Speed + 35%

Swiftness Set:
Speed + 10% -> Speed + 40%

Asylum Set:
PvP + 50% -> PvP + 5%
Speed + 20% -> Speed + 50%

Tenshi Set:
PvP + 75% -> PvP + 25%
Speed + 30% -> Speed + 60%

Duelist / Dualist Set:
Speed + 35% -> Speed + 65%

Titan Set:
PvP + 90% -> PvP + 40%
Speed + 40% -> Speed + 70%

Celestial Set:
PvP + 100% -> PvP + 50%
Speed + 40% -> Speed + 70%

Dragon Lord Set:
PvP + 105% -> PvP + 55%
Speed + 40% -> Speed + 70%


Hawk Attack:
1s Cd, 4s Duration (Speed - 60%) -> 10s CD, 4s Duration (Speed - 60%)

Blazing Sword:
Attack Power (Sword) + 50 -> PvP + 50%
Hit + 30% -> Adoch - 500%

Sword Mastery:
Increased Attack + 80% (unchanged)
new Hit + 30%

Smite Axe:
Attack Power (Axe) + 250 -> Adoch + 125%
Crit + 50% -> PvP - 500%

Empower Weapon:
Speed + 30% -> Crit Chance + 50%
PvE + 25% (unchanged)

Special OneHanded Mastery:
Adoch + 150% -> Adoch + 25%
HP + 20% (unchanged)

Blessing of War:
DMT + 50% (unchanged)
Adoch + 30% -> Adoch + 30%

Slayers were able to deal way to much damage.
Even hits on hp were to high. With the listed nerf above they should still be able to deal decent damage. Even more adjustments might be needed.
I know its kinda sad to loose some original flyff stats like the attack power ones but they barely have influence. Even tho temp selfbuffs got touched here too the class remains unchanged overall.

To sum it up: 50% pvp + 125% adoch nerf for Adoch Slayers, Skill Slayers wont hit that high with auto attacks, PvE untouched

Force Master

Shades Calamity:
Adoch + 150% (unchanged)
PvP + 55% -> PvP + 25%

PvP - 100% -> PvP - 500%

FMs are still able to achieve some crazy ratios.
They kept hitting way to much while being able to tank various stuff.
Prevention didnt have the effect it was supposed to. FMs were still able to hit 3m + in damage swap using prevention while also having the second life.
This change will make it more situational and more risky to use it.


Nature Call:
Sta + 100 (unchanged)
**new** - 500% PvP

Reverting the - PvP last patch was a mistake by us. In the current "camp - meta" it was to much of a boost for them.


Swiftness Set:
Speed + 40%

Asylum Set:
Speed + 15% -> Speed + 45%

Tenshi Set:
Speed + 25% -> Speed + 55%

Guardian Set:
Speed + 25% -> Speed + 55%

Titan Set:
Speed + 35% -> Speed + 65%

Celestial Set:
Speed + 35% -> Speed + 65%

DragonLord Set:
Speed + 35% -> Speed + 65%
Added Mon, 01 Mar 2021 23:29:50 GMT by MadHatter
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