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Insanity MMORPG | Fantasy MMORPG Private Server

Insanity MMORPG is one of the most popular free to play MMORPGs available.

Patch Notes 14.11.23

-Halloween has now ended. Halloween NPC's are located in Darkon Town for the next 2 weeks to allow you to spend any remaining money and finish any quests.
-[Expedition Party Leader] Vespu has now been removed.

-Trade option has been added back
-Reboxer has been removed for further fixing

Inventory Delete:
We have made some improvemenets to deleting items in your inventory. If you now click the Trash bin icon your cursor will change to a box and everything you click in your inventroy will get deleted

Deleted Item Recovery:
Everthing you delete will now be recoverable until you log off. Shift click the Trash Bin icon in your inventory to bring up the item recovery window.


If you accidentally delete something it is recommended you recover it straight away and not wait around as you deletion history is only saved temporaily and any client crashes or disconnection will wipe it.


PM Message Windows:
Minimised Private Message windows will now show you how many messages have been sent since you mminimised the window.

Other Stuff:
-Various back end\client side fixes.
-You can now use chat commands to Block/Unblock players and view your Blocklist


Return of Origin
Current : Teleport to current city -> New: +150% HP +150IA +500Adoch +100PvP -511MP

Soul Of Rhisis : Swap the Cost to MP

Raiment of Rhisis : Swap the Cost to FP

Divine Prosperity : Swap the Cost to FP

Heavens Step : Swap the Cost to FP

Holycross : Swap the Cost to FP

Blessing of the Wise Man. : Swap the Cost to FP

Added 30% wrath to set effects


[Current] Touch of Rhisis -> 5%hp , -50%pvp
[New] -> recover hp once drop below 30% , -100% PVP damage , -400% MP%

RNG set parts -> Moved Dex back into set effects and replaced with 10% IA per part

Prevention -> Being removed to seraph only

Blood Fist -> -30% speed -> -100% speed


[Current] Special Bow Mastery -> Increased Atk 240% , pvp dmg 75% -> [New] Special Bow Mastery -> 80% adoch, 100% hit, PVP dmg 75% , IA +240% , -511 PVE (PVP BUFF)

[Current] Bow Mastery -> Hit +150% , -511pvp dmg -> [New] Bow Mastery -> Increased Atk 240% , 200% Adoch, 100% hit, -511 PVP (PVE BUFF)

[Current] Spirit of the Hawk -> speed 60% , pve 260% -> [New] Spirit of the hawk -> speed 60% , pve 280%

[Current] Perfect block -> Melee Block 15% , Ranged Block 20% -> [New] Perfect Block -> 20% melee block , 20% Ranged block

[Current] Posion Arrow -> -15% FP -> [New] Posion Arrow -> -10% pvp asorb

[Current] Dark Illusion -> 5% PvP asorb -> [New] Dark Illusion -> 15% PvP asorb


[Current] Crucio Spell -> 7% reflect damage , 55% projectile speed
[New] Crucio Spell -> +7% reflect damage , +90% projectile speed , +550% pve dmg , -500% pvp dmg [ New PvE skill ]

[Current] Psykeeper special int mastery -> 45% pvp , 550% pve
[New] Psykeeper special int mastery -> +7% reflect damage , +55% projectile speed , +45% pvp , -500% pve [ PvP Skill ]

Spirit bomb Now scales exactly the same as psychic bomb before , removed from PvP modes [ Arena / Siege / FFA ]

Psychic bomb Nerfed scaling damage

Grasp Increase scaling damage


[Current] Templars Mastery -> dct+100% , pve+250% -> [New] templars Mastery -> Dct +100% , pve 290%

[Current] Pan Barrier -> 1% atk speed , 50% crit chance -> [New] Pan Barrier -> 20% hit , 50% crit chance

Rage + Guard -> Reduce both cooldowns to 10 seconds from 30 seconds

Power stomp -> reduced CD 30s -> 25s
Empower Weapon -> remove speed%


DL slayer set rng stats -> 20% PvP per part being changed to 15% per part
Slayer swords -> +10% HP
DX -> Increase scaling damage
Cross Strike -> decreased scaling damage
Empower Weapon -> remove speed%


Meteor Shower -> Increased scaling damage

Added 10% HP to arcanist shield


Nassen jewl set -> Increase the HP% from 35% to 45% , Sta from 50 to 60(In set effects)
Reinforced Ethereal sets -> Moved some stats to parts so is effected by drop RNG stat rolls + Re-roll Scroll​
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