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Balance Patch Notes 20 Nov 2020

Items / Item effects Changes


Sorcerer Set of the Celestials
+ 20% HP -> + 40% HP

Dragon Lord Sorcerer Set
+ 25% HP -> + 45% HP
+ 35% IA -> + 40% IA

For some reason the tenshi and archmage sets had a higher % hp buff than the celestial and dragon set. Since we wanted to buff arcas again anyways we take away 20% hp from pve arcas but give it back via celestial and dragon. Pvp Arcas get a 20% buff.


Dragon Lord Warlock Set
+ 40% IA -> + 45% IA
+ 40% PvE -> + 45% PvE

Small buff for the dragon set to make it worth getting.


Angelic Set of the Celestials
+ 30% PvE -> + 40% PvE

Dragon Lord Angelic Set
+ 30% PvE -> + 45% PvE

The celestial set didn't really boost the damage of pve seraphs. You were able to deal literally the same damage with a priest set. Small boost to the celestial might make it worth getting it. Dragon set gets adjusted because of those changes.

Dragon Lord Stick
+ 90% PvE -> + 95% PvE
+ 35% HP -> + 40% HP
+ 85%DCT -> + 80%DCT (like Divine)

Force Master

Tenshi Imperial Forcemaster Set
+ 55% HP -> + 15% HP

Monk Set
+ 50% HP -> +10% HP

Forcemaster Set of the titans
+ 65% HP -> + 25% HP

Champion Set of the Celestials
+ 80% HP -> + 40% HP

Force Masters had way too many base stats which resulted in them being really beefy damage dealers. HP nerf to bring them onto a lower level

Dragon Lord Champion Shield
+ 175% Adoch -> +180 Adoch
+ 25% HP -> + 30% HP
+ 90 INT -> + 80 INT

The shield currently only adds 10 INT extra which is bad imo. Reverted the int and buffed the two other stats on it


Dragon Lord Assassin Set
+ 30% IA -> + 35% IA
+ 110% PvE -> + 115% PvE

Small buff to the dragon set to make it worth buying.


Deadshot Set
+ 45% HP -> + 30% HP

Crackshooter Set of the titans
+ 20% HP -> + 35% HP

Dragon Lord Sniper Set
+ 240% PvE -> +245% PvE
+ 30% IA -> + 35% IA

The % hp on the deadshot set was quite high. Instead of buffing the endgame sets I suggest to nerf the deadshot set since the %hp buff was quite high. Dragon set gets a small boost in combat stats to make it worth buying.


Dragon Lord Paladin Set
+ 55% PvE -> + 60% PvE
+ 30% Adoch -> + 45% Adoch
+ 16% Guardian -> + 17% Guardian

Dragon set gets a small buff to make it worth buying.

Dragon Lord Paladin Shield
+ 35% Adoch -> + 40% Adoch

Only gave a boost of 5% hp for now which is less extra stats than other shields give as progress. Little adjustment has been made.


Dualist Set
+ 20% HP -> + 10% HP

Warrior Set of the Celestials
new +15 % HP
+ 90% Adoch -> + 80% Adoch
+20% IA -> + 15% IA

Dragon Lord Warrior Set
new + 20% HP

The celestial and the dragon set didn't have any % hp. To adjust it to the duelist set I suggest a small nerf to it and give the celes and dragon set then % hp too. In exchange I also suggest to take away some % hp from special 1h mastery to not buff it without a reason. Since slayers have a lot of stats which results in a huge damage output i rather nerf the celestial set a bit instead of buffing dragon and pumping even more stats into this class (see Class Balance)

Skill Changes

Force Masters
Adoch type

Ire of Iblis
+ 650 Dex -> + 575 Dex
- 500% mp (stays the same)

All Stats + 20 (stays the same)
new + 10% dct

Force Masters
Asal ( / PvE FM)

Touch of Rhisis
10% DCT -> + 40% HP
20 Jump Height -> - 500% PvP

Ultimate Rage
15% mp -> + 5%mp
15% pvp (stays the same)

Keeps the current HP for asals but lowers their damage.


Fixed calculation of their hits

Slayer‘s hit Calculation didn't work at all. The 2nd and 4th Hits were not Hitting like it is supposed to be. It was rng before and made them Hit unbelievable High Numbers. Due the Fix they will now hit like they Should, which will make it for us Easier to balance. However, this will likely lower their overall damage.
So we will provide more Changes for this later, where necessary.

Special One Hand Mastery
+ 35% HP, + 150% Adoch -> + 20% HP, + 150% Adoch


Pain Reflection
10% Reflect Damage -> + 15% Reflect Damage

10% IA-> + 20% IA
20% DMT (stays the same)


Trinium Mentalist Shield
45 Speed -> + 75 Speed

Crucio Spell
15% Reflect Damage -> + 7% Reflect Damage
55% Projectile Speed (stays the same)


Lightning Mastery
+ 100 Dex -> + 200 Dex
Electricity + 30% (stays the same)

Earth Mastery
+ 125% HP -> + 105% HP
- 500% PvP (stays the same)


Dark Illusion
Duration MINUS 1 Sec. (so it lasts one second less)


Auto Shot
- 40% PvP -> - 10% PvP
Added Wed, 18 Nov 2020 10:47:50 GMT by Yousername
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