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Patch Notes 15.03.19

PvE Changes
We are working towards improving our current PvE content over the next few months. This will include re-evaluating all penya drop rates, reworking giants, instances, ticket areas and dungeons as well as introducing totally new areas.

Todays update concentrates on the current end game farming maps Forgotten Island and Amnesia Island.

Amnesia Island has been discontinued as a farming map and is no longer accessible. Tickets to this map will no be available to purchase. Forgotten Island has had a total makeover with an all new map and all new monsters!

Forgotten Island now will only host level 300 mobs. All the new monsters will now drop BOTH Penya and Red chips.

You will still be able to access Forgotten Island map via ticket purchasable at buff pangs for the same price! As well as a new 30 Day ticket Option.

All mobs on this map share all the same stats as each other so your free to find an area you prefer to farm in!

These mobs are a semi-clone of the old mobs and have had the following changes applied:
-HP has been increased to 15mil
-Mobs are all Water Element
-Penya drop rate has had a slight increase*
-Agro rate has been set to 100%
-Mob respawn time has been halved (30 seconds - old map was 1min)
-Drops both penya and Red Chips. (drop rates currently represent the old level 300 mobs)

*Penya drop rate increase is temporary. Next PvE patch will include a full penya drop rework so its possible it'll be balanced again then.

Sanpres/Upresia/Herneos are uneffected by any of the above changes.

Other patch notes:
*QoL for shops: Cannot open shop window if not in shopping zone
*Fixes for mob positions
*Fix for HP/MP/FP bug
*Hack fixes
*Doubled size of Snorlax pet
*Line up time in colosseum increased to 1 hour
*Added Crystal Upgrader NPC to Eillun
*Fixed bug with Wind/Earth icons on monsters being swiched around
*Updated Monster Element Icons

*Added 13 New Emotes!

Some Emoticon credits : Eagz <3
Added Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:25:59 GMT by MadHatter
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