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Patch Notes 14.06.19

MadHatter's Shop of Hats
*Added the following hairs-
Simple Black Hair (M)/(F) Simple Grey Hair 1 (M)/(F) Simple Grey Hair 2 (M)/(F)
Simple Grey Hair 3 (M)/(F) Simple Grey Hair 4 (M)/(F) Simple Grey Hair 5 (M)/(F)
Limited Time Shop
*Removed Cute Roulette Cloak/Dolphin Sailor Cloak/Little Tiger Cloak/ShibaInu Cloak
*Added the following:
Summer Swimwear 2019 Set (M) Summer Swimwear 2019 Set (F) Summer 2019 Water Donut Cloak
Summer 2019 Coral Glasses Summer 2019 Starfish Glasses Summer 2019 Duck Pet
Colosseum Changes
*Doubled all monsters aoe range (Excluding Bastion Lancer)
*Colosseum cooldown has been increased to 4 hours
*Tripled price of Scroll of Transfer-Awakening Piece
*Added the following hairs to shop-
Brown Hair (M) Tartan Hair (M) Flame Hair (F) Irene Hair (F) Jade Hair (F)
Easy Changes:
*Servant of Poseidon- Increased HP, decreased damage
*Servant of Cupid- Increased HP, decreased damage
*Servant of Aries- Increased HP

Medium Changes:
*Chicho- Increased HP
*Valentine- Increased HP
*Portia- Increased HP
*Duke of Avia- Increased HP
*Fledgling- Increased HP
*Awilix - Increased HP, decreased damage
*Divine Quetzalcoat- Increased HP

Hard Changes:
*Corrupted Justice- Decreased attack damage, Decresed INT Stat, Increased HP
*Falak- Increased HP, decreased INT stat
*Thanatos - Decreased attack damage
*Wukong- Increased HP
*Maw of Hell- Decreased attack damage, Increased HP
*Torngasoak- Decreased attack damage
*Wrath of Tartarus- Increased HP

Legendary CHanges:
*All bosses Rage mode now triggers at 15% instead of 20% (Except Beelzebub)
*Gluttony- 100% Physical Defense, Decreased Magical Defence, Increased HP
*Da Bomb- Increased HP
*Mr Roboto- Decreased Dex Stat, Increased HP
*All Statues- Increased HP, reduced INT stat
*Bastion Lancer- Increased HP (AOE range was not increased)
*Righteous Servant- Increased HP, decreased INT Stat
*Aphrodite- Decreased Dmg
*Beelzebub- Decreased Dmg, decreased INT Stat
*Scylla- Increased HP, decreased INT Stat

Secret Room Changes
*Secret Room UAS Chance Box price reduced to 1000 Blue Chips
*Ultimate Scroll of Rarity Change reduced to 6250 Blue Chips
*Room Guardian 1- Hp Increased
*Room Guardian 2- Hp Increased, Damage decreased
*Room Guardian 3- Hp Increased, Damage decreased
*Room Guardian 4- Hp Increased
*Room Guardian 5- Hp Increased
*Room Guardian 6- Hp Increased
*Servant of Asmodan- Hp Increased, now has 100% Physical Defence
*Asmodan- Hp Increased
*All Nyx types-Hp Increased, Damage decreased
*Added the following to the shop-
Optimus Prime Head (M)/(F) Bumblebee Head (M)/(F) Fox Head (M)/(F) Horse Head (M)/(F)
Crystal Cove Changes
*Doubled the drop amount of Crystal Enchant Scroll and Crystal Transformation Stone on normal monsters.

Ankou Fixes
*Fixes to some motion animations
*Some texture resizing
*Fixed for thee following models:-Beautiful Pink Bride Gloves (F)
-Blue Polo Suit (M)
-El Gato Pet
-Hottey Hot Girl Glasses
-Kings Sword
-Lambada Girl Set (F)
Ice Missle: Speed -25% Removed
Cursed Mind: Speed -50% > Speed -30%
EVA Storm: Magic Def. -5% > -15%
Electric Shock: Magic Def. -20% > -15%
Earth Mastery: Speed 25% > Speed 30%

Rooting: Cast range slightly reduced; Cooldown 10 > 12 seconds
Psychic Square: Cast range greatly reduced; AoE range 5 > 7
Psychic Bomb: Magic Def. -5% Removed
Demonology: Magic Def. -5% Removed

Templars Mastery: PvE 100% > PvE 200%
Sneaker: Melee Block -25% > Melee Block -20%
Block Per Dexterity: .6 > .5
Shield Bash: Duration increased .5 seconds

Ultimate Defence: IA -300% > IA -400%
Blessing of War: 6% Abs > 3% Abs
Deadly X: Damage reduced to .9x
Cross Strike: Damage reduced to .95x
Berserk: Added 40% PvE

Enchant of Iron: DMT 35% > 30%
Critical Swing: ADOCH 130% > ADOCH 180%
Dark Illusion: Cooldown 20 seconds > 23 seconds; PvP -30% > -40%
Perfect Block: Melee Block 20% > Melee Block 15%

Prevention: Cooldown 20 > 23 seconds
Bubbles Blessing: Dexterity 250 > Dexterity 150
Blood Fist: Range greatly increased; Cooldown 2 > 5 seconds

Nature's Call: Dexterity -250 > Adoch -70%; Projectile Speed 100% > Projectile Speed 50%
Poison Arrow: Damage increased to 1.12x
Aimed Shot: Damage increased to 1.1x

Gvur Tialia: Cooldown 18 > 6 seconds; duration 17 > .1 seconds
Holycross: Cooldown 3 > 5 seconds; duration 4 > 2 seconds
Blessing of the Wise Man: Range greatly increased
Priests Grasp: Range slightly increased; duration 3 > 4 seconds
Raiment of Rhisis: PvE 250 > PvE 300
Added Fri, 14 Jun 2019 21:18:44 GMT by MadHatter
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