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Patch Notes 27.05.19

Event Update!
Due to flyff being mean to me and an unforseeen issue with the amount of stats on the Infinity Gauntlet, I have unfortuantly had to rework the stats on the gauntlet from the ground up. All negative state the weapon previously gave have been removed.

The gauntlet has now been split into 3 different version.

All 3 versions have 50~100 attack and are considered 2 handed weapons so evil Slayers cannot abuse them.

Infinity Gauntlet (A) -ADOCH Infinity Gauntlet. Provides +100% ADOCH, +50 All Stat, +200% PvE
Infinity Gauntlet (J) -Jumping Infinity Gauntlet. Provides +200 Jump Height, +50 All Stat, +200% PvE
Infinity Gauntlet (P) -Penya Infinity Gauntlet. Provides +20% Penya, +50 All Stat, +200% PvE

This way everyone can have the version they would like. When you complete the quest you will be given Infinity Gauntlet (A). Boboko has a new exchange where you can exchange this for one of the other versions if you wish. All version will be interchangable at any time (please be aware though that any customisation made will be lost)

Stone Exchange
Boboko will now exchange any Infinty Stone for 2 Consumables Event Boxes

Stone Locations
To keep things interesting some of the stones have mysteriously shifted where they are hiding.

Space Stone
The tear in space that lead to the space stone has repaired itself. The stress caused by traffic travelling through it has resulted in a new tear to open up someone else in the world!

Mind Stone
The mind stone has jumped chest!

Power Stone
Your power was too great. The power stone has moved!

Time Stone
Tick tock goes the clock! You may need to wait abit longer!

Soul Stone
Has been found by players. How to obatin this has not changed.
Hint 1: You must die to obtain this Stone
Hint 2: Another player is required to Help

Reality Stone
Has been found by players. How to obatin this has not changed.

Incomplete Gauntlet
Has been found by players. How to obatin this has not changed.

*Siege map has been updated!
*Fixed a texture issue with some of teh recently updated sets
*Added the following new Fashion Sets to [Monster Hunters]Chitos The Rewards Shop
Hachikuji Mayoi Set (F) Hitagi Senjougahara Set (F) Kanbaru Suruga Set (F) Shinobu Oshino Set (F)
Araragi Koyomi Set (M) Ayato Kirishima Set (M) Gintoki Sakata Set (M) Juuzou Suzuya Set (M)
Added Mon, 27 May 2019 01:54:17 GMT by MadHatter
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