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Patch Notes 17.5.19

This Event will only be available until August!

The time has come to gather all the Infinity Stones and forge the Infinity Gauntlet!

Hidden somewhere in the game are all 6 Infinity Stones and an Incomplete Gauntlet. Once you have gathered all 7 pieces you can take the quest from Boboku to forge the Infinity Gauntlet.

Will you horde the stone locations for profit? Share them with others? It is all upto you! (No other staff members besides me know any of the stones locations)

They can be hidden anywhere in the game or maybe a possible reward? Who knows! Good Hunting!
The Infinity Gauntlet
The Infinity Gauntlet is a level 1 Fun Weapon!

And will provide the following stats:
+100 Jump Height
+200% Speed
+200 All Stat
+200% PVE
+200% ADOCH
+20% Penya
-500% MP
-50% HP
-500% PVP
All Stones and the finished Infinity Gauntlet are tradable!

Infinity Gauntlet Quest
NPC: Boboko
Level: 1 - 300
Repetable: Yes
Find the following: 1x Soul Stone, 1x Reality Stone, 1x Space Stone, 1x Mind Stone, 1x Time Stone, 1x Power Stone and 1x Incomplete Gauntlet.
Rewards: 1x Infinity Gauntlet and x100 Quest Treasure Box's

Crystal Cove
Crystal cove has had a visual overhaul. New map! New Monster models!

A full Instance drop rework is in the works for release later on!

Other changes:
*Updated Ingame Help tips

Rebalance Hot-Fix / Quality of Life
Crucio Spell: +40% Melee Block -> +40% Projectile Speed

Bubbles Blessing: 150 Dex -> 250 Dex
Bgvur Tialbold: -50% Speed Removed
.35 Block per Dex will remain at .3 Block per Dex

Condor Dive: -25% Speed Removed
Fast Walker: duration increased
Nature Call: -50% DMT -> -250 Dexterity

Special Yo-Yo Mastery: 50% PvP -> 70% PvP Damage

Gvur Talia: range increased to match heal; Gvur duration increased to 17 seconds
Merkaba Hanzelrusha: -50% Speed Removed

Windfield: -50% Speed -> -30% Speed
Cursed Mind: CD -> 8 seconds

Item Changes
Celestial Warrior Set: +6% Wrath -> +8% Wrath
Celestial Warlock Set: +40% Melee Block Added; 40% Projectile Speed -> 0%
Titanium Mentalist Set: +40% Melee Block Added; 20% Projectile Speed -> 0%
Tenshi Imperial Mentalist Set: +40% Melee Block Added
Illusionist Set: +40% Melee Block Added
Asylum Mentalist Set: +40% Melee Block Added
Swiftness Mentalist Set: +40% Melee Block Added
Lusaka Ruby Mentalist Set: +40% Melee Block Added
Twilight Armour Set: +40% Melee Block Added
Celestial Angelic Set: 25% Speed -> 40% Speed
Added Fri, 17 May 2019 22:31:48 GMT by MadHatter
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