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Patch Notes 12.5.19

Easter Event is now over. Easter Bunny can be found in Darkon until next patch where he will be removed!

Name/Description fixes:
*Fixed Easter Wall description to say +5% EXP,
*Updated Azria Blink Description,
*Updated Coral Ticket Deescription,
*Fixed Pidgeotto name again ;)

Ankou has been busy and has provided the following:
Item Fixes:
*Minato Cloak,
*Celestial Sorcerer Suit (F),
*Admiral Crimson Cloak,
*Admiral Dark Cloak,
*Ankou Uniform Set,
*Black Velox.

Item Reworks:
*Azusa Nakano Set (F),
*Eren Jaeger Set (M),
*Kirito Set (M),
*Mikasa Ackerman Set (F),
*Mio Akiyama Set (F),
*Ritsu Tainaka Set (F),
*Shiro Set (F),
*Tsumugi Kotobuki Set (F),
*Yui Hirasawa Set (F),

Animation Updates:
*Psykeeper Walk Animation Revert,
*Pink Fairy Wing Mask,
*Blue Fairy Wing Mask,
*Fauna Dragon Pet,
*Crystal Fenris Pet,
*Forest Fenris Pet,
*Lava Fenis Pet,
*Ice Mocomochi Pet,
*Lava Mocomochi Pet,
*Snow Mocomochi Pet,
*Xmas Snow Giant Pet,
*Purple Xmas Snow Giant Pet,
*Red Xmas Snow Giant Pet,
*Chupacabra Pet,
*Ice Demon Dog Pet,
*Ice Fossa Pet,
*Purple Fossa Pet,
*Angry Yetti Pet,
*Pink Justice Pet.

*Arena Models Compression.

Counterattack: 50% Absorb -> 80% Absorb
Dark Illusion: CD -> 20 seconds; -50% PVP Damage -> -30% PVP Damage
Whisper Dodge: +25% Ranged Block -> +30%
Special Yo-Yo Mastery: +50% PVP -> +70% PVP Damage

Prevention: 50% Proc Rate -> 40%; +800 Dex -> +500 Dex; CD -> 20 Seconds
Block Per Dex: .3 -> .35
Disenchant: -200 STR -> -750 INT; duration -> 6 seconds
Baraqijal Esna: -300 INT -> -300 STR
Bubble's Blessing: +150 Dex Added
Ire of Iblis: +500 Dex -> +400 Dex

Poison Arrow: -15% Ranged Block -> -20%

Deadly X: 1.1x Damage; 8 second CD -> 10 seconds
Cross Strike: .85x Damage
Berserk: -20% HP Removed
First Blood: -200 Dex -> -100 Dex
Sneaker: -20% Melee Block -> -25% Melee Block
Pan Barrier: +1% Attack Speed -> +20% Attack Speed

Fire Mastery: -100% PVP Damage -> -350% PVP Damage
Elementor Special INT Mastery: +75% PvP Damage -> +45% PvP Damage
Lightning Mastery: +500 Dex -> +300 Dex
Cursed Mind: Duration -> 15 Seconds; CD -> 10 Seconds

Divine Prosperity: -PvP Absorb Removed; +700 Dex -> +400 Dex
Heal: .75x Scaling
Gvur Talia: Can remove debuffs from self again; CD -> 18 seconds
Blessing of the Wise Man: 8 second duration -> 6 seconds

Item Changes
Celestial Precision Bead: 7% Adoch -> 30% ADOCH
Celestial Justice Bead: 7% IA -> 14% IA
Celestial Invulnerability Bead: 1% PvP Absorb -> 2% PvP Absorb
Celestial Agility Bead: 5% Magic Defense -> 10% Magic Defense; 7% Speed -> 15% Speed
Celestial Endurance Bead: +15 INT/STA -> +25 INT/STA
Celestial Grace Bead: +15 STR/DEX -> +25 STR/DEX
Champion Set of the Celestials: 4% Wrath -> 6% Wrath
Warlock Set of the Celestials: 20% Projectile Speed -> 40% Projectile Speed
Mentalist Set of the Titans: 20% Projectile Speed Added
Added Sun, 12 May 2019 23:06:13 GMT by MadHatter
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